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Carole Murphy Cement Sculpture Class 1


Step into the 3rd dimension with a carvable form of cement that simply begs to be sculpted. Sculpting with a material that looks like stone but is much easier to work with, aerated cement, students then finish the piece with a variety of possible patinas. Classes are kept small enough to make it viable for each student to follow their own direction.

Nurturing the vision in each student, respect is given to the individual processes, while assuring that the capacity in each student is touched upon. Each class holds both beginners and accomplished artists, in a warm, inspiring atmosphere. Some come just to get their creative juices flowing.

Carole Murphy Cement Sculpture Class 3

When opening to one’s creativity, resistance can be pretty powerful. Fear of your creation not being ‘good art’ is one of the loudest excuses not to create. In this supportive environment, students risk putting their vision into form. Come take a class that offers a path to expand what is personally possible through sculpting. Play with a teacher that will help you find your vision, your gift, as you open to the process. Let your creation stand as a tribute to what you can do. Come play with us.

All tools and materials are supplied and students work from realism to the world of abstract. Two individual classes a week are taught in Murphy’s Studio, 4495 SE Aldercrest Road, Milwaukie, OR, 97222.

Carole Murphy Cement Sculpture Class 2

Class Times and Start Dates

Classes are ongoing and you are welcome to join the Sunday afternoon Sculpting Class from 2 to 4:30pm, throughout the year. Simply make arrangements with Carole.

Carole Murphy Cement Sculpture Class 4


The cost is $175 for a 6 week period, $225 for an 8 week period, one class per week, plus the cost of the aerated cement 'stone' ($15)

Sample Classes now available - two classes for $60

Gift certificates also available.

Student Comments

Thanks for creating such a wonderful place for strangers to become family and friends while creating works of art.

-Joy Haynes

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. You're a great instructor, giving just the right amount of feedback and letting the artist develop in their own time.

-Dianne Erickson

You are so positive anyone talking to you has to get better. The works done by the students are spectacular, You must be as proud as they are. Its the atmosphere you create. I could tell the difference the minute I walked down the studio stairs. You bring out the best in people, a very special gift, thank you for all the help, patience and latitude you give everyone. Your a Great Artist and Teacher. I only say what others already know.

-Donnie Lass

Regardless of whether you are a true beginner or a seasoned sculptor makes no difference. I highly recommend Carole Murphy's classes to anyone with the slightest interest in trying this sculptural medium. Carole not only has a flair for teaching that incorporates her artistic vision, but she also works closely with students to encourage them and help them bring their ideas to fruition. Because of her teaching approach and enthusiasm, the studio atmosphere is friendly and brimming with creativity. This fosters a true feeling of mutual support among all involved. Also, Carole's dedication to this work is guaranteed to rub off on everyone who participates. Don't miss this one. It's a great opportunity!

-Judy Christie

(Carole's) love of teaching shows in every class... (Carole) inspire(s) me like no other teacher has ever done. If all teachers had the true love of teaching, what a wonderful world this could be...

-Veronica Brim

Carole is always searching for new ideas for her own work and innovative ways to create her wonderful sculptures. She is truly an artist who is an accomplished teacher.

-Eileen Holzman

Carole creates an atmosphere where each and every student feels welcomed and supported by all the artists in the class. She offers instruction and suggestions as gentle nudges to your own creativity. I've done some sculpture before and loved it! But I have left sculpture on the back burner. Now I feel compelled to make space in my life and environment for expressing what comes out during the haze of my time in the studio. I am greatful for finding Carole and her studio waiting for me.

-Jere Fitterman

Carole's classes are a lot of fun. The wonderful thing about her teaching style is that she is not directing the class in a specific direction or material. Instead she is there more as a mentor. She offers suggestions and direction if you want it and is always very encouraging. There is also support amongst the students.

-Kevin Poe


Carole Murphy, an Oregon sculptor, offers workshops in Figurative Sculpture through movement, dance and visualization exercises. By embracing the spirit within, we will bring to form that which has been unavailable to the conscious mind.

This all day workshop introduces you to or re-establishes your connection with your right brain and brings the creative spirit forward. The groups are guided by the principles that we all have the innate capacity to create; and creativity goes beyond the arts to include how we make choices and live our lives. By connecting to your creative wisdom, you will begin to find a doorway to further expression in the world you live in. As you integrate this experience, you will begin to find yourself awakening new levels of spontaneity, playfulness and joy.

You will learn to establish your own safe haven from which to allow the creative process to grow. Begin to move beyond the fear that prevents you from being and living all that you are. The workshop is designed to provide opportunities to go within for renewal, insight, and inspiration; communicate with your deepest self and to explore new ways of expressing oneself. Using the visual arts to access our intuitive wisdom and imagination, we will focus on expressing it through the physical form of sculpture.

All are seen, heard, respected and valued. As a group, we are witnesses to each other's journeys, supporting and encouraging each other as we create an atmosphere that is caring, non-hierarchical, and non-judgmental. We respect and honor the images that emerge in body movement and in sculpture while opening the doors to the transformational process of art making and creative expression. As we begin to see our creative expression, access to a world where personal images can emerge from deep within.

If you are a painter, sculptor, artist of any sort or a person that longs to find the artistic side of him/herself, come join us as we celebrate the artist within. Through movement acting, visualization exercises, using music, mirrors and dance, the creative spirit within you is brought out to find form in sculpture. This workshop teaches a creative process that enables the expression of the spirit in physical form. Nourish yourself and rekindle your ability to play and create. Embrace the possibilities! Carpe Diem!

Please e-mail for times and locations.